'Boletim Público' (Public Bulletin) is an educational project of the exhibition 'Estou Cá' (I Am Here), held at SESC Belenzinho between July 2016 and March 2017. During the period, the group of art/educators and trainees from various areas, supervised by Dialogum Cultural Projects, developed research and proposals around an investigation on mediation and contemporary art exhibitions, cured by Paulo Miyada and Valquíria Prates.
The first exhibition, Potlatch, was the starting point for the realization of the three performances of this video: Listener, Plate-Man and Tea Ceremony. And one of the researches, "Documentary Photography", of my authorship, seeks the specificities of video recording and photography of educational actions when performed by art exhibitions and museums' workers.
Boletim Público / Estou Cá
Curated by: Valquíria Prates e Paulo Myiada
Educational coordination: Dialogum Projetos Culturais (Carlos Negrini)
Supervision: Amanda Cuesta, Célia Fernantes e Filippa Jorge
Art educators: Alice Merino, Amanda Preisig, Clara Zamith, Clarissa Ricci, Cristina Ambrosio, Juliana Correia, Josinaldo Firmino, Maíra Fróis, Mariana Trevisan, Nayara Rocha, Paola Ribeiro, Thaís Marinovic, Vanessa Furtoso, Vanessa Lima e Vanessa Rigo
Video and edition: Clara Zamith
Soundtrack: "Stories about the world that once was", Chris Zabriskie (Licença Creative Commons)
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