RETIRO RETRATOS is a 6-day immersion project towards a webdocumentary. Held at the Oswald de Andrade Cultural Workshop and produced by CRUA Studio, Marcia Mansur and Marina Thomé selected 20 participants, from diverse backgrounds and skills, in the documentation on the neighborhood of Bom Retiro.

There were interviews, meetings, research, coverage images, agenda survey, creation of visual identity, editing and communication, in a constantly flexible team for the whole process to take place in a week. 
Here's the result:
During the interview of one of the field teams, we met with Fabiana da Silva, a waste picker and one of the workers who had her vehicle customised by  Pimp My Carroça.
I was one of those responsible for making-of and, after the series of photos, also followed recording and took care to record the process of the general staff.
Retiro Retratos / Hackathon WebDoc
Production: Estúdio CRUA (Marina Thomé and Marcia Mansur) / Oficina Cultural Oswald de Andrade
Team: Alessandro Sbampato, Celso da Silva Pontes Junior, Clara Zamith, Daniele Pedroso, Diego Pirata, Eduardo Liron, Erika Ferreira, Fernanda Ramone, Glaber Xavier, Grazie Pacheco, Heidi Vargas, Isadora Wertheimer, Joyce Cury, Juliana Maria Moreira Soares, Luiz Matheus Vieira, Marcello Vitorino, Glória Branco, Rita Pereira, Roberto Godoy, Tiago Alexandre Lopes Salgado
Soundtrack: "Umnenhumcemmil", Quarteto Ímp4r
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