Galeria Presidente is the workplace, the living space and the resistance of the culture of African immigrants working in São Paulo downtown.

During 15 days, I collaborated with the production with the collective CINCO as their cinematographer and camera operation, documenting the conviviality, work and traffic of several characters who share the small and hectic scenery of a commercial gallery in the big city.

The short movie was shown in several national shows, such as the 20th Tiradentes Film Exhibition, and ranked among the Audience Favorites of the 27th São Paulo International Short Film Festival (Kinoforum).
2016 • cor • 19 min • Documentário • Todas as idades

Production: CINCO (Amanda Gutiérrez Gomes, Bianca Mafra Elia, Davi Firmino, Giovana Ferrari e Julia Moutinho Gallego)
Co-production: Mira Filmes (Gustavo Rosa de Moura e Carmen Maia)
Screenplay and production assistance: Bianca Mafra Elia 
Direction and editing: Amanda Gutiérrez Gomes
Direction assistance: Julia Moutinho Gallego 
Art direction and editing assistance: Davi Firmino 
Sound editing: Bruno Horowicz Rezende, Santiago Mazzoli 
Production director: Giovana Ferrari 
Executive production: Giovana Ferrari 
Cinematography: Clara Zamith 
Sound: Ana Lucia Magalhães e Vitor Durante
Sound editing and mixing: Santiago Mazzoli e Bruno Horowicz Rezende
Art direction: Davi Firmino
 Joyce (by Clara Zamith)
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